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Backed by The Power of One

Our service capability is what sets us apart – with a team of over 100 in Nigeria, we optimize both engine efficiency and product reliability.  And our stats are there to prove it.  For example, our fully synchronized Cummins gas and diesel generators at Nigerian Breweries (Heineken) have been down for less than one minute since commissioning in 2013.

Annual Power Availability Across IPP Sites

Customer Category Installation Size MW Availability in 2015
Brewery 14 MW 100%
Bottling 21 MW 99.48%
Hotel/Residential 7 MW 99.89%
Consumer Goods (FMCG) 8 MW 99.85%
Total 50 MW 99.80%
  • Power plants where Cummins has full operations, maintenance & aftermarket contracts in place – all consumables, parts, labour etc. included in per running hour service contract   
  • Power Availability calculated by number of hours plant down (excluding gas outages & scheduled maintenance as per the contract) out of total hours per annum (8760 – 24 hours x 365 days)

We understand the cost of downtime!  Our maintenance contracts are tailored to your exact needs and budget – from basic parts-only protection and planned schedules to full life cycle contracts at competitive fixed prices per running hour for complete operations & maintenance support, whether it is for a single generator set or a whole facility.

With good stock inventory of genuine Cummins parts standing by you always, get the best quality components needed at the time.   By optimizing your plant performance and reducing the risk of unplanned downtime, we help ensure you get uninterrupted power, the longest engine life and the best value from your plant.  For example, due to good operations & maintenance we have Cummins sets operating well in Nigeria for over 14 years.

Thanks to The Power of One, you can rest assured that your power equipment is in the best hands – highly trained Cummins engineers who know the systems inside out.

CESN single source accountabilityImproved DurabilityLower Maintenance Lower Fuel ConsumptionSmaller footprint


  • Highest standards of maintenance and quality assurance
  • Full time (24 x 7) Cummins engineers on site
  • Official parts only, regular service intervals, remote monitoring and regular training for on site team
  • Long Term Service Agreements with no hidden extras
  • Cost effective power solution
  • Power hassles fully outsourced to experts
  • 24 x 7 responsiveness
  • Immediate parts and service availability

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