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1. Reduced Cost 

Gas fired generation offers up to 100% saving over diesel fired generation.  Moreover, the cost of gas is stable, whereas the diesel price fluctuates regularly.

2. Environmentally Friendly 

Natural gas is the cleanest and quietest burning fossil fuel available, emitting significantly less carbon and nitrogen emissions than diesel – creating a safer and happier work environment.

3. Domestically Produced

The Nigerian gas industry creates domestic employment opportunities, spurs economic growth, aids local manufacturing with cheaper electricity and reduces strain on foreign exchange reserves for US dollars.  As gas consumption increases, imported refined oil will reduce. 

4. No Pilferage

Diesel pilferage is a problem in Nigeria – industry experts estimate that at least 20% of diesel is pilfered or adulterated in Nigeria.  Natural gas on the other hand can only be stored in high-pressure pipelines or skids – eliminating the risk of pilferage. 

5. Reduced Maintenance

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel – reducing the risk of damage and extending the life of industrial equipment.  Gas generators also have long service intervals (up to 30,000 hours), reducing maintenance and aftermarket costs.

6. Industrial Performance 

Natural gas can replace several types of solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels in industrial processes (from steel to paper production) and is the most cost effective fuel for power generation in Nigeria, boosting productivity and competitiveness.

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