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Reliable Power When You Need It.

You might believe you do not have to worry about a power outage. Perhaps you live in a place without extreme weather, or perhaps your town’s infrastructure is new - the fact is that no one knows when and where a power outage will occur. In fact, in the last year over ten million homes around the world have lost power for 24 hours or more. There are countless ways outages can happen and experiencing one could prove to be extremely uncomfortable. No matter where you live, with a Cummins standby generator you will not have to worry about whether or not you will have power. Cummins has a solid backup plan in place.

Why do I need standby power? Power outages are increasing in number and severity, which are caused by:Cummins residential generators

  • Unreliable utility power grid
  • Seasonal power outages
  • Limited local utility power
  • An aging power grid stretched to capacity
  • Severe weather causing outages
  • Human error by utility employees
  • Local construction causing power outages

Why should I install a permanent generator? Some people try to get by with a portable generator. Unless you are an electrician, there are risks in taking that approach:

  • Will the portable have been exercised regularly to ensure it will run?
  • Will there be enough fresh fuel to run it for an extended period?
  • How will you connect it in the dark during severe weather?
  • Will it have enough capacity to power the appliances and lights you need?

A permanently installed generator avoids all of these problems. That is why in the wake of severe weather, unreliable utility power, or seasonal power outages, a permanently installed Cummins residential generator is the answer to reliable power. No doubt about it - it works automatically; you do not have to do a thing.

To learn more about Cummins residential generators, contact a local Cummins Africa representative or visit our specification library by clicking the button below.

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